Ron knew that the Pete Townshend rotating arm routine was impossible attached to his siamese twin.

Urban Legend has it that Moses,presumably in a moment of madness, was so consumed with his own lot that he asked God if he could be immortal. God, in his wisdom and clearly having had two sherbets too many, responded by telling him that if he went into his mum's loft , found an old coat and daubed it with long blue tassels this should do the job. Old Blue never did question the Almighty's word, after all its not everyday you part a sea and get away with it. Whether or not God was having a bit of a jape with our Moses is not clear, but the old immortality trick has now gone down in the history books and sold a few movie rights,not bad for messing around with your mum's old coat.


Meanwhile a few old friends and musicians from Farnham sat down with a few sherbets themselves, albeit a few years later, completely unaware of this hokum and decided to come out of retirement from the dreams of their youth and form a "band" (apparently No 6 in the "Ten great things to do before your fifty" manual). Thus Old Blue Moses was born. Their dream of stardom long gone, they can just get on with playing the music and having a good time. Such are the vagaries of the world that the heroes of their youth are now their fellows......Oh, and the name...well, lets just say it came about by osmosis.

The band have not lost touch with their principle aim of ensuring that live audiences have fun! Talented and experienced musicians they may be, but they never forget that the live experience is as much about audience engagement as it is about musical prowess. In short they deliver. Powerful rhythms and homegrown foot stomping R and B.

Jimbo was blissfully unaware of the martian attack taking place right in front of him.

After many years in the music business, the band wanted to ensure that both they and their audiences had fun. Nonetheless,the band have fine credentials to match. Fronted by Martin Sanford-Hayles, a kind of George Melly on speed,and ably supported by the humour of Ron Hall and the smooth blues lead of Mick Brennan, the band boasts former Chris Farlowe and Peter Green Saxophonist Keith Rowley, Bassist Terry Lightley, Keyboard maestro "Quivering"John Levermore (Ex PJ Proby amongst many others), former Predator and Mungo Jerry drummer Jimbo Roberts, the remarkable talent of Venezuelan-born Blues and Soul vocalist Tracy Murphie and the soulful rhythm of Dave Watterson. All have earned their way to the bottom of the pit through sessions and a host of well known and lesser-known bands.

Keith was later to implode as it became clear that his saw was blocked.

From the influences of the Blues Masters (Sonny Boy Williamson, John Lee Hooker to name but two) and the hard rockin' of the Stones and the funk of The Average White Band and beyond, their experience shines through in reworked versions of much cherished numbers and original material. In short, on stage you can see they enjoy every minute of it!

Its been a busy few years for the band, playing alongside favourites such as The Mighty 45's, The Daniel Smith Blues Band and American singer songwriters Dan Bern and Joe D'Urso and Stone Caravan, The Inmates, Tom Nolan and The Bluescasters, The Downliner Sect, The Mickey Kemp Band and Jamie Marshall they are always invited back a second time.

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Friendly Comments

"Great set Saturday at Rudgwick. MAGIC!" - Comment by jackG

“Was fortunate enough to be invited to a gig with your fabulous group.Great evening of music and made all the better for the humour and obvious enjoyment that the band generated.Many thanks and will be at future gigs for sure.” - Comment by John Norsham

“Saw the link to your site on Songramp and thought I'd check it out...cool site! If you're ever coming to Nashville let me know, keep Rockin! Happy New Year! Judy.” - Comment by Judy Whiting, USA